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Terms and Conditions

Subscription is due monthly on a date pre-determined by the customer. One month (start, middle or end of month) in advance.
The subscriber will facilitate authorised personnel to do any necessary work for the installation or removal, upkeep and development or removal of the service.
The subscriber must have necessary permission prior to installation.
The subscriber is the end user and shall not provide the service to a third party, without written consent from Munster Wireless.

All equipment supplied by Munster Wireless remains the property of Munster Wireless.
If "the equipment" is damaged or becomes unusable the customer will notify Munster Wireless in writing within 5 working days.
The equipment may only be installed or removed by authorised Munster Wireless agents.

Munster Wireless operates a fair usage policy. Users may be temporarily disconnected if excessive usage is detrimental to other users network usage.
Service may be terminated by either party by giving 30 days notice in writing, to Munster Wireless at 1 Bridge St., Cahir, Co. Tipperary.
The service will not be used for illegal or offensive purposes.
The service will not be used for "spamming" or providing network services such as web/mail/music servers.

Munster Wireless accept no responsibility for loss or damage to data, property or person.
Munster Wireless will endeavour to provide an uninterrupted service. However, Munster Wireless will not be responsible for failure to provide the service where the cause is beyond our control.

Terms and Conditions are available at and may be updated without notice to users.

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